Posted on: January 26, 2016 Posted by: Sarah Rodriguez Comments: 0

Welcome! This is my introductory post and I wanted to keep it at the top to let people know I’m new to the web developmentweb design space. I was an employee at a digital marketing firm and found that I loved the minimal contact I made with web design more than what I was hired to do. So I thought why not combine what I’m really good at with what I love and offer web design services backed by an expert in online marketing.

While my new firm will operate as my own I have partnered with a rather shy web developer that wants to work behind the scenes. He has asked in the meantime at least to remain nameless. Perhaps one day there will be a grand unveiling of the man behind the scenes – but for now I will continue offering excellent websites that will earn you visitors. These will be visitors that aren’t just curious web stumble upon-ers, they are potential customers that can find you or your competition¬†– the choice truly is yours. All you need is a website from John Sinclair. Hurry up! Go get one. Just fill out my contact form for more information! I will add samples to my website as the become available!